"Do you know what
the secret of life is?"

- Curly (Jack Palance) asks Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal)
in "City Slickers," 1991

Our Purpose

We believe that a gratitude practice is the one thing that changes everything.
Ancient wisdom agrees.
Current neuroscience agrees.
Our job is to share the secret.

City Slickers - The Secret of Life (1991)

Gratitude Mojo is the work of 

Joyce Wycoff and Lynne Snead 

who have been collaborating on creative projects together for 30 plus years.

In the beginning…

It started out as just a little idea. Don’t they all?

Long-time friends and professional collaborators Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff wanted to return to a daily gratitude practice they had let slip for a couple of years. It sounded simple enough at the time.

Previously, they had both used Joyce’s 2015 journal book Gratitude Miracles… the 5-minute journal that could change everything, so it was the obvious choice. However, Lynne liked workbooks, and wasn’t crazy about writing in the 6 x 9 bound book format, on cheap paper. Joyce agreed, but it’s what they had. “Maybe not,” said Lynne. “We could make it a workbook…print it out on good quality, letter-sized paper and spiral bind it.” So she did and sent Joyce a copy.

Then things started getting really interesting.

Twelve months, hundreds of hours of study and research on the lessons from ancient wisdom to current neuroscience, and seven iterations later, Gratitude Mojo was born; a 26-week journal/workbook focused on gratitude, self-awareness, and appreciation for self and others.

What we learned along the way made the results of our experience extraordinary. We captured that learning into Gratitude Mojo to share with others.

Welcome to the journey that we believe could change your life for the better, too. 

We have always been believers in mixing creativity, purpose, and collaboration, with fun.

Lynne Snead

My passion for leadership development started early in my career with FranklinCovey Company. As a senior-consultant and Vice President, I was program author and developer of FranklinCovey’s Project Management training programs. I had the amazing opportunity to provide training, consulting, and coaching, in dozens of organizations around the world.


Training within so many organizations, early on I saw the truth of Peter Drucker’s quote; “Your culture will eat your strategy for breakfast, every day.” And it’s just as true at home, and within societies, as it is at work.


When the foundation of leadership is built on high emotional intelligence (EQ), and building a culture of trust and respect; employee satisfaction, and high performance becomes possible.


It took several years to recognize that a key component in developing EQ in leaders lies in the development of self-awareness, self-appreciation, insight into others, and gratitude. This combination began to change everything; for leaders and teams. This began my quest that merged with Joyce’s work, and the amazing project that grew up to become Gratitude Mojo.


After my FranklinCovey years, I got my graduate degree in Corporate Coaching and Founded 

Talent Evolution Systems. As a Science of Self™ consultant, I am certified as a DISC, Driving Forces (motivators), EQ and TriMetrix™ coach, trainer, and consultant, with an advanced certification as an Axiological Practitioner. Axiology is the scientific study of the nature of value and value judgments, and objectively identifies how our mind analyzes and interprets experiences, hence, is predictive of how and what we focus on, and how we make decisions.


The combination of proven talent analytics with targeted coaching, helps me as a coach, to help my clients close the skills gap that holds leaders back from their goals and potential. It also provides a proven science to help organizations in employee selection.


I co-authored To Do, Doing, Done, A Creative Approach to Project Management and Effectively Finishing What Matters Most, with help and tremendous encouragement from Joyce. It was my first book, her third. I then co-authored The Project Management Scorecard, with Jack Phillips and Tim Bothel.

Joyce and I recently released our newest project, Gratitude Mojo, Your Transformational Journey for a Better Life.


I am proud to be a certified TTI Success Insights assessment provider and have been for 20 years.

Joyce Wycoff

As an omni-curious student of life, I am grateful for my twisted-path journey. Prompted by a need for income, I began in accounting, drifted into marketing, picked up an MBA, and finally arrived at the side door of my childhood dream of being a writer.  Along this path, I authored five books on innovation and creativity and co-founded the Innovation Network and Innovation University.
In mid-stream, art showed up and wanted to play and we began to make short-run, self-published books and magazines and I fell in love with combining words and images. When COVID showed up, it prompted Corona Wisdom, and recently, I’ve had the honor of becoming the editor of Peace Community Magazine.
I am grateful for so many things in my life … being able to spend two years exploring the beauty and wonder of central Mexico, returning to Santa Barbara, the first place that ever seemed like home, and this collaboration with Lynne Snead.
Life is good and I am grateful for living long in this endlessly colorful and challenging world. One way of documenting my gratitudes is in photography and here is a recent one taken close to where I live near the UCSB campus, along with a piece of my art called Wisdom Moon. 

Wisdom Moon,  by Joyce Wycoff

Gratitude Mojo,
Your Transformation Journey for a Better Life,
by Joyce Wycoff and Lynne Snead

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