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Why a Gratitude Practice?

Gratitude thinking creates a positive mindset shift. It changes our thinking,

which changes our brain chemistry.

And that changes everything.

There are specifics to a gratitude practice done correctly. This is why blank page journals don’t work. Thinking of a few consistent things daily that we are grateful for doesn’t change our focus or deepen and expand our thinking. A daily, guided, writing practice does. 

Research demonstrates that there are specific components to a gratitude practice done correctly. It includes identifying experiences where others have expressed gratitude to us. This is built into the Gratitude Mojo process, along with dozens of journaling exercises on topics like self-appreciation, identifying and exploring emotions, and helping to identify our guiding values for a clearer path to goals and decisions in our lives. 

This is a transformation journey for a better life. We invite you to join us on the journey. 

                                                                           – Lynne and Joyce


Why Practice Gratitude?

These days we are faced with an abundance of challenge and change, and along with it, so much emotion; fear, anger, grief, and more. The challenges are real, but our biggest challenge lies in not getting entrenched and trapped into the emotional turmoil that puts us into a downward spiral that comes from taking the negative energy from outer, as well as inner, thoughts and experiences.

The point of a gratitude practice is not to gloss over the negatives of life. This is not, repeat not, a route to toxic positivity.

Our repeated thought patterns become habitual, and with all that’s going on in our current world our thought habits can lead us into trapped feelings of negativity, or we can change them to create a mental space that supports the kind of life we want to live. That’s what a gratitude practice helps create, when it’s done effectively. Gratitude Mojo guides you through the process to make this amazing change.

Why a Gratitude Journal/Workbook?

Research into the benefits of gratitude have been intensely examined over the past few decades, and is clearly demonstrating an enormous positive difference in the our quality of life, but only if done correctly.

The process that does work has been designed from the beginning into the Gratitude Mojo, workbook/journal.

The research shows us that directly pursuing happiness results in, well, not in happiness. It usually results in frustration. It seems, paradoxically, that an indirect approach is what works.

Research also teaches us that positivity without embracing our full range of emotions, can lead to toxic positivity. This is why most gratitude journals don’t work. Take a look at the lessons from some of the research, and a few brief but amazing video clips from some of the top experts.

We Are Influencing Our Own Thinking

Gratitude Mojo is designed to take you through a process of shared stories, evidence, inspirational quotes, and a small space each day for journaling and reflection. All designed to maximize the benefits learned from research.

We are taking advantage of:

Bringing Balance Back Into Our Mind

The world is a complex place full of paradox. There is beauty and pain, joy and grief, good news and bad news, and all in a day. We can learn how to feel gratitude in a day where we have also felt grief, pain, or anger. If we can’t embrace it on any given day, it’s waiting for us the next day when we are ready.


The more we shift to that focus, the more we experience the benefits from shifting our brain chemistry and the seeming magic that occurs when our energy shifts. Energy is magnetic. Like attracts like. What we focus on increases. More gratitude results in more to be grateful for. And the cycle begins.

Creating the Daily Habit

Daily gratitude journaling offers surprising results. A few minutes a day begins to change the things we recognize, and the emotions that accompany gratitude. 

"Gratitude turns negative energy into positive energy. There is no situation or circumstance so small or large that it is not susceptible to gratitude's power."
-Melodie Beattie

Gratitude Mojo is not your typical blank-page gratitude journal.
In this 26-week guided journey, you will experience

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