Gratitude Mojo

Gratitude Mojo is a 214 page, 8 1/2 by 11 inch journal-workbook pdf. You package includes your license for printing Gratitude Mojo, a Getting Started pdf, and The Gratitude Mojo Newsletter.


We believe so strongly in the Gratitude Mojo buddy experience that we are licensing up to two printouts for the base price of $39.99. A license to print three to five copies is available for $59.99. Licensing for Gratitude Mojo groups of six or more are available. Please contact us for arrangements at

We recommended you have your journal-workbook printed at your local print shop or office supply store. Make sure to specify better quality paper for for writing, black and white print, two-sided. Select either 3-ring punched for your favorite binder, or select spiral bound.

While we strongly recommend a printed version for all the benefits of journal and workbook writing, you may also utilize a tablet program like GoodNotes that permits writing or typing, and additional page insertions, into your tablet PDF file.