The videos below provide an excellent short summary of the hundreds of hours of collective study done to provide evidenced-based benefits of the right kind of gratitude practice.

These are worth a few minutes of your time.

"Don't chase happiness."
Tal Ben-Shahar created the most popular course in Harvard's history! He is an American and Israeli teacher and writer in the area of Positive Psychology.

Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D. is a neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanfor University School of Midicine. His excellent podcasts are available at

In this video Dr. Huberman explains the benefits and characteristics of an effective gratitude practice.

Brené Brown is an American research professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host.

Gratitude Mojo, Your Transformational Journey to a Better Life
by Joyce Wycoff and Lynne Snead

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